Turn your passion into a membership business

The fastest way to set up shop, monetize classes & events, and sell memberships.

Everything you need to launch and grow
Website. Community. Booking. Payments. Subscriptions. Announcements. Recordings. Video on-demand. Promotions. Support.
Launch your business.
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Launch your store in minutes, not days
Easy peasy, we take care of making your store look professional so you have more time to do what you love
Add classes, set prices, accept bookings on day one.
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Grow your business with a community of creative entrepreneurs
Weekly Zoom meetups to exchange tips, ideas, and lessons along the way
Stay ahead of the curve with a community of business owners.
Simplify your life with a streamlined experience for everyone
We handle the busywork so can focus on your clients
Super easy booking experience for classes and 1-on-1 sessions. We’ll automatically set up Zoom meetings for you, share class details with participants, and send friendly reminders to everyone.
Simplify your life with seamless Zoom and calendar integrations
Offer subscriptions
Offer subscriptions.
Get paid quickly.
Offer paid weekly and monthly memberships, paid drop-ins, and free classes
Accept credit card payments in USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, and AUD
Send announcements and updates to your members
Need to cancel class last minute? Want to send out a quick reminder? No problem.
Easily send announcements and updates to everyone who attended your class, or to all your members
Send announcements and updates
Give your clients maximum flexibility with recordings
Even when clients can't make it to a live class, they can still train with you through class recordings
Class recordings give your clients the flexibility to train with you at the ideal time for them.
Grow your client base with trials and promotions
Offer free trials, coupon codes, and trial memberships.
Create trial memberships and one-time free drop-ins for new members. Create and run promotions with coupon codes.
Trials and promotions