Deep Hip Openers

Hosted by Kristen Chong
6 reviews

Tight hips go away!

Hip openers do more than just to enhance the flexibility. In this session, we also will be exploring the mobility of hips to unblock many challenging postures. 
April 2021
What a wonderful session by teacher Kristen! Her style of teaching is perfect for a person like me looking for something slow yet impactful. She pays attention to every student during the class and gives many variations so students of all levels can reap the flow's benefits. I strongly recommend taking her monthly pass as her session progresses weekly, and one can see considerable differences.
April 2021
Excellent hip opening class, with a great warming up sequence, and a really thorough approach to the entire hip joint! Will definitely continue this to get more flexible hips!
Christal Leanne
March 2021
Teacher Kristen is always patient and encouraging. She’s a light ever since I met her. Glad that I am still able to attend her class despite the distance. I’ve got a long way to go for eka pada sirsasana but I am grateful for every progress I make. Thanks to an amazing teacher^.^
February 2021
Learnt so many new moves for hips flexibility and mobility today! And was very happy that I managed to touch the floor for my front splits on my right side! I usually take very long to do so, but an hour of class with Kristen never fails to help my hips to be more open! Thank you! :)
January 2021
Great teacher with amazing sequence. The poses teacher Kristen use are targeting specific area that help to achieve final pose.
December 2020
This hip opener class is great for anyone who has tight hamstring or hip flexor like myself. Teacher's instructions and flows are clear throughout the class. Highly recommended for intermediate or even beginner practice! A class not to be missed ! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
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