Therapeutic Yoga with Kilee

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A 60-min yoga practice dedicated to addressing each clients needs.

What I value:
A better way to share my wealth of knowledge in yoga, in my humble opinion is all about balance.As a teacher being paid fairly for my time while simultaneously  supporting organizations that are making sure ALL human and life forms are being nourished and supported for generations to come.

50% of every group class pass/membership/drop-in is donated to a total of (4) non-profit organizations within the year. So we focus on 1 organization, share their mission and promote them for (3) months!

Yoga Class Description
This class is all about addressing  each clients needs in regards to how they are feeling and what they are noticing within their bodies. I offer a practice  that is non-insistent and free from vinyasa flows.

We begin with a 5 min check-in, where clients are encouraged to share what they are noticing needs attention within their own body before we begin moving together.

I will facilitate self-inquiry via a wide range of movement, breathing patterns and meditation that are heavily informed by my yoga therapy education.

We will move into various body positions: sitting, standing, lying on belly and lying on the back.

We will then do a group check-in at the end 2-5 mins in length.

Who is this class for?
This class is suitable to those with chronic injuries or chronic pain. Suitable for energetically drained individuals who may spend more time sitting for extended periods of time in the day.

This class is suitable to those who consider themselves as physically stiff or not flexible.

How to prepare for class

Find a space that is wide and long enough to extend fully laying down.

 You can practice on a “yoga” mat, blanket(s) or carpet, even hardwood for some is comfortable.

Wearing your most comfy cozy clothing is my ultimate go-to.

Tidy up your space and place any objects that are meaningful to you nearby for support, pillows, candles, journal, water/tea.

Feel free to play music while practicing, all students will be on “mute” while in practice.

Set your notifications to silent/do not disturb.

You will receive reminders by email to join the session via Zoom, clicking the link to enter the class space will be available 10 minutes prior to the start of the session.

Who is this class for?
This class is suitable to those with chronic injuries or chronic pain.

This class is suitable to those who consider themselves as physically stiff or not flexible.

The benefits/outcomes
- Getting to know one’s body on a deeper level
- Developing skills of compassion for one’s bodies, injuries and all
- Creating a space to move with and alongside challenging emotions, sensations and feelings.
- Increasing one’s receptivity to their bodies needs and being able to tend to them with grace and curiosity 
- Deepen awareness around the patterns and behaviours that are both supportive and unsupportive in your own life. 
- Learn to interweave into daily living a mindfully present approach and perspective. 
- Notice the benefits of self-care and its dynamic relationship to caring for others. 

February 2021
Fantastic. Therapeutic yoga with Kilee has literally changed my life. I was injured in a fall several years ago and struggled with my recovery. Starting yoga classes with Kilee was a Huge influence in turning that around. Kilee's instruction, thoughtfulness, and care has helped me learn how to move again and even helped shape how I think in terms of supporting my recovery. Every class is tailored to each students current needs with an eye towards supporting future improvements. I highly recommend Kilee to anyone looking for support in recovery or even just a low impact but insightful and challenging work out.
February 2021
Kilee is so creative and always has innovative moves that I've never seen before. Really enjoyed this practice with a chair and wall. Thank you Kilee!
February 2021
A class that meets you exactly where you are. The attentiveness that Kilee brings to her class creates the feeling that you are back in the studio. It was lovely to interact with her and the other students through a gentle check in to begin and end class. Intelligently sequenced and delivered in a way that invites you to explore what feels good for you, thank you Kilee!
January 2021
This class worked muscles that are often neglected. I am enjoying the results even now, the next day! I like that Kilee offers choices fir people who are less flexible- like me. Need to stretch after a workout ...this is the class for you.
Cancellation (paid drop-ins)
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No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.
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