We are on a mission to make it a norm, self-care  equals earth-care.Practicing yoga is an act of service to not only yourself, but to the planet. We donate 50% of our net profits to organizations filled with passionate people that focus on protecting and conserving planet earth. We also offer free yoga classes to these organization.

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Kilee Mercuur Bio:

Hi! I am Kilee, my name is unique in that it sounds just like it is spelt! I love being in service to others in  a small group setting and especially in a one-on-one setting. The way that I practice yoga or have come to understand it has shifted and morphed plenty over the years. Yoga is so wide and vast in what it has to offer and so I believe everyone and anyone can practice. I am always looking to make yoga more deeply integrated into my own life and the lives of others- so that at the end of the day it doesn't feel like just another thing to check off your task list, but is rather how you carry yourself in relation to your self, others and the environment you inhabit. I carry in my hands the moral responsibility to shed light on ways to be in deeper alignment with the natural world, to acknowledge and bow gently to the gifts of clean water, the shade of old trees, an the abundance of fresh food tended to by mother nature's hands.   

Socials: @kileemercuur   //  yoga@kilee.ca
Riley Cain Bio:
Hello there and welcome to the community! :) My name is Riley and I have over 6 years experience teaching hatha & vinyasa flow, yin, restorative and trauma-informed yoga. My classes explore accessible movement, breath and meditation to restore and nourish the whole body, mind and soul. My passion through yoga is to deepen our connection to our own inner wisdom, with a special focus on womxns empowerment & wellness. My intention is to offer a safe space where collectively we can cultivate harmony with the seasons and cycles within ourselves and the natural world. Off the mat, you can find me surfing the beautiful waves here in Mancora, Peru, getting lost in a good book, and connecting with loved ones and new friends. 

Katie Yantha Bio:

Hey everyone, my name is Katie and I’m a passionate Canadian vinyasa yoga instructor. I’m someone who is energetic and I love to move my body in any way possible. I’ve been like this since childhood where I expended most of that energy into dance, so you can expect influences of fluid movement with medium to high intensity in my classes. My interests off my mat revolve around exploring new and familiar places. Most of my free time is spent hiking in the woods, and walking around neighbourhoods seeking out the best oat milk latte ;)

Socials: @katieyantha  //  COMING SOON