Strong Simmah! All Levels Strength

Hosted by Mandy Hoffman
3 reviews

30 Min Dumbbell Strength and Bodyweight Intervals

Grab your dumbbell and get ready for total body conditioning!  
Enjoy a variety of 60 second intervals prioritizing form and fun!

SIGN UP to join us LIVE or to join us later with the RECORDING!

All levels welcome- focus on Fundamental 5!
Planks and Push Ups will be performed elevated, however, please feel free to come to the floor if that is your current practice!

Mondays- Squat Variations and Pull Exercises with Dumbbells
Wednesday- Lunge Variations and Push Exercises with Dumbbells
Friday- Bodyweight Full Body

Required Equipment 
  • At least two light/medium dumbbells 
  • A countertop or sturdy, elevated surface for Planks and Push Ups (a mat if going to floor)
  • Supportive Sneakers

Class Requirement
  • Your camera must be turned on and on some part of your body.  We care if you are safe while we work!
  • Live classes- please do not come in more than 5 minutes late!  We know life happens. Grab a previous recording or in a few hours (or less) your class recording will be posted!

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May 2021
Really nice high cardio class to begin and then we moved into an equally strong but slow flow yoga. A really great class for beginners and just about anyone who wants some support in getting on track of strength training in a sustainable way. I love Mandy's pace, patience, and her energy!
April 2021
Great instructor and a true professional. She speaks clearly and shouts out instructions beforehand so you know what’s coming next. Checks in to be sure no one is having difficulty. Gives alternatives for those that may have difficulties. Great experience!
March 2021
After 2 years of doing zero workouts, only because of my laziness and a touch of depression, Mandy has made it easy to get moving again. I’ve been afraid of how long it would take me to “get back” and have a workout actually feel good. Mandy’s program is perfect for those getting back to it, like me, but also for those that have been doing it for awhile. She’s made it so each exercise can be made harder or easier and I’ve discovered how quickly my strength is returning. The absolute best part is rolling out of bed, throwing on my shoes and getting to it! Who needs coffee?!
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No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.
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