Conquer & Flow - Intermediate Kettlebell

Hosted by Mandy Hoffman
4 reviews

30 min Kettlebell & Bodyweight Interval Drills Combine into Sweaty Flows.

Kettlebell fundamentals fuse with bodyweight intervals for an efficient and fun class! 
Learn & Burn Drills create flows that focus the mind and challenge the body.

Required Equipment for Conquer & Flow:
  • At least one kettlebell medium weight
  • A non-slip surface (yoga mat preferred) 
  • barefoot or socks preferred over footwear- ensure wearing socks will not be slippery with respective surfaces

  • Lighter/heavier kettlebell options welcome for customization
  • A lighter dumbbell can be substituted for overhead drills like Turkish Getup if not lighter kettlebell is available

Required Movement Competency for Conquer & Flow:
  • Kettlebell Swing
  • Dead Clean
  • Swing Clean
  • Turkish Getup
  • Windmills
  • (Snatch optional)

Classes do not require high intensity movement. Modifications are always welcome HOWEVER in all intermediate classes these options will not be cued.  A robust knowledge of well-suited modifications can be learned by taking Bell Burn classes.

Want learn the movements that create fun, sweaty flows?
We want you to join us!
Excel Semi-Private Kettlebell Training breaks down movements, layers increasing complexity and continue to build your form and endurance.  
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April 2021
I really appreciate having access to these class recordings. They are uploaded quickly, which means that I can do the class that same day at a time that is convenient for me. I also enjoy being able to come back to a particular class or movement pattern for extra practice.
March 2021
After becoming fluent and comfortable with all the kettlebell basics covered in Mandy’s Bell Burn, this was a great way to “level up.” I love the flow concept and get soooo sweaty. Mandy’s cueing is excellent, as always! How does she know when I need that reminder to engage my core through a standing plank? I’ll be back for more!
February 2021
Loved this class!
February 2021
What a great way to jumpstart my day! Mandy’s energy got me moving...even with a 5:45am start! Always a fun class when you get to work on dead cleans, squats, lunges, and swings! Even if you are not a morning person, I promise this is 30 min well spent to start your day! Thank you, Mandy!
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