Bell Burn- 30 Minute, High Intensity Intervals

Hosted by Mandy Hoffman
11 reviews

Bring your Dumbbells and/or Kettlebells for a short and sweaty workout!

Grab your kettlebell (or dumbbell) and get ready for total body conditioning!  
Enjoy a variety of timed intervals prioritizing intensity, form and of course FUN!

All levels welcome in this fast format class.

Movements can be modified to suit your needs, however, we Hustle during our half hour.  Intervals are stacked and will transition quickly. Core movements and Bell Burn sets help classes to stay familiar while bodyweight intervals keep it interesting!

Don't have your kettlebell yet?  Still Join Us! Dumbbells welcome in many movements so work your conditioning while you wait!

Movements and complexes on Monday and Wednesday classes will be used in Friday's Flow.  Can't make it live?  Still sign up and use the 7 day window to complete class when when it best suits YOUR schedule!  Make the time to Make Class!

Required Equipment 
  • At least two medium dumbbells 
  • one or more kettlebells if you are practiced in their use (not practiced yet? check out the Semi-Private Class Options!)
  • a yoga mat or non-slip area
  • sneakers welcome and barefoot welcome if you are already practiced in training barefoot.

Class Requirement
  • Your camera must be turned on and on some part of your body.  We care if you are safe while we work!
  • Live classes- please do not come in more than 5 minutes late!  We know life happens. Grab a previous recording or in a few hours (or less) your class recording will be posted!
  • Participate with us and let us know you are having Fun!

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March 2021
Mandy is energetic, fun and motivating! Her workouts really work your whole body, and she does a great job of showing modifications for different levels. Each workout is different, which helps to keep it motivating. The 30 minutes fly by quickly! I don’t love exercise, but I look forward to doing Mandy’s workouts!
February 2021
For someone who was slacking in the gym and fitness space, Mandy was really able to navigate me back into high intensity intervals without feeling left out or behind. I felt very supportive, was given a variety of options. Her cueing was clear, concise . She consistently reminded the group to listen to their own bodies and focus on form more than reps. I look forward to making this a regular part of my routine! If you don’t have kettlebells like me, I used a heavy meditation sandbag prop and it was a great alternative that Mandy loved!
February 2021
This class was exactly the jump start I needed! I have been feeling the mid-winter blues lately and been stuck in a bit of an exercise rut. Bell Burn was the perfect way to mix things up and give myself a safe, quick, and effective workout. Those kettlebell complexes kicked my booty! Thanks, Mandy!
January 2021
Mandy always makes her classes fun and productive. She has an amazing ability to keep the flow going with clear instructions about what we are doing and what we are about to do next. She helps you make it your own! I always feel fabulous afterwards. I just hope that my gallon of Spring water weighs the same as my gallon of distilled water. Don't want to end up lop sided. ;-)
January 2021
Wooo Hooo, 30 mins class and boom I am soaking wet. I have known Mandy for a long time and always have loved her workouts as they are simplified and broken down for all levels. For example: I don’t have a kettlebell but still got challenged as she thoroughly helped to modify it with dumbbells and or body weights! Great Class 🤗
January 2021
This was a great class! Mandy is knowledgeable, fun & gave modifications for everything so it's a great class for anyone getting started as well. I feel great and it was only 30 minutes... perfect for my lifestyle!!! I'm so happy to have found this!
January 2021
Really enjoyed this workout with Mandy - Great flow to it and her form tips throughout are appreciated!
January 2021
Fun and sweaty! Mandy offered plenty of options/modifications to customize just what I needed for the workout. Thanks Mandy!
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