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VIP MEMBERSHIP- Live and Recorded Group Classes
Special offer
$27 /month
$37 /month
Save 27%
Unlimited access
Join us live or at your convenience! Membership includes access to Bell Burn, Conquer & Flow and Member Exclusive Bonus Workouts!
Book your classes and take Live or on Your Schedule!
Progressive programming throughout week- you don't want to miss a workout!
Includes FREE membership to our Member Facebook Group
Exclusive access to VIP Member Workouts!
EXCEL PASS, Semi-Private Kettlebell Training (Level I-IV)
Founders Discount!
Save 51%
Unlimited access
Accelerate your results my building new skills and add variety to your workouts!
Individualized Coaching- classes limited to 4
4 Classes meet 1x/week + 4 Bonus Skill Sessions
FREE VIP Membership (a $37 value)
FREE private access to class recording to practice and review anytime