Mindful Monday-Vinyasa Flow- 45 mins

Hosted by Shereen Karam
22 reviews

Come explore the connection between your breath and your both with me

Come deepen your connection with yourself on your mat. Intertwine the connection between your breath and your body as we glide from posture to posture. With practice, your mindful muscle will strengthen and your authentic self will emerge. The space within you that knows what you need before you know. 
August 2020
Shereen is an amazing instructor, always talking you through every position and breath. I love that she includes vinyasa, and she encourages you to progress but be mindful and really move your body! Her flows go so fast and I always feel refreshed after a session with her!
August 2020
The flow was the right amount of challenging and soothing :) I highly recommend this class to everyone!
August 2020
Positive vibes + a great stress relieving workout = perfection. Love the challenges.
August 2020
One of the best online yoga classes I have attended. It was very peaceful but at the same time it was also a great workout! I will definitely be coming back to more classes in the future.
August 2020
Class was great and just what I needed. 🙂 Thank you Shereen.
August 2020
Amazing, as always. Today's class challenged my balance and oblique strength, and opened up my hips and my heart. Shereen has a natural ability to heal and to teach through her calmness, guidance, and intentions. She leads us through practice and gradually builds up to a final pose/challenge in addition to a core focused routine. Today's challenge was standing half moon with a bind and side plank pose with a big toe grip. I am also so stoked that today was my first inversion since my hand injury 3 weeks ago!! SO so thankful to have Shereen by my side (or through the screen) to guide me and help me explore and challenge new ways to move my body! Today's intention: embrace the now; silence your thoughts to create space to be in the present.
August 2020
Shereen was great! Such good energy and such a great flow! Definitely will be joining class again next week!
August 2020
This class is by far the best part of my monday evenings. Shereen's yoga vinyasa flow helps me set good intentions for the week and reminds me to be present in every moment. Thank you for the helpful reminder to recenter from daily distractions and get my body, mind and heart all in align and flowing right!
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