30 min HIIT Classes

Hosted by Shereen Karam
14 reviews

Burn out your body through a HIIT body blast

In this class, we will explore the limits of your body through a high intensity interval training 30 minute workout. What separates my practice from most HIIT practices is the extra attention directed towards mindful breath, focused intention, and purposeful music. Can’t wait to move and breathe with you!
September 2020
I would have never thought I would have enjoyed a HIIT class, but I'm so glad that I tried out Shereen's class. Shereen has the type of positive energy that makes you not only believe you can do it, but actually have fun while working out. She balances the classes with strength based practices and grounding yoga stretches. Thank you Shereen!
August 2020
30 minutes and my blood was a pumpin! Amazing workout given by a wonderful yogi teacher. 20 stars!
August 2020
Sweattty core cardio! This hit all the muscles I didn't even know was there and I am here for it! One-legged tadasana balance flow, plank to pike hops, alternating side planks, and functional movements the whole 30 minutes! You think you know what 8 seconds feels like until you're in Shereen's class. Today's intention: let go of your control and go with the floww
August 2020
Shereen is such a powerhouse! She keeps you motivated & pumped while she works her magic! Looking for a quick, intensive workout which will definitely break a sweat, this is the class for you! I love joining her weekly classes. Keep up the great work Shereen :)
August 2020
Class was amazing! Shereen led the class at a very great pace transitioning between high to low intensity. She always keeps us moving til the very end. Legs were definitely put to work!
August 2020
Great lower body class that engaged both my lower abs and quads. I loved variety in moves and intensity of the workout-challenging yet still achievable!
July 2020
She’s the best! End of story. Perfect combo of muscle maker and relaxation. I absolutely love Shereen and she is a blessing to have during these crazy times! Won’t regret her class💕
July 2020
The class was awesome! I especially liked how hard Shereen pushed us and made it even more intense. The mix of upper body exercises and yoga-style breathing gave it a unique feel. Definitely would do again.
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