Zen Sunday Mindfulness Session

Hosted by Naushad Godrej
24 reviews

Breathwork and Meditation Practice

Calm the mind. Relax into the body. Improve clarity using the power of your breath. You will be guided through a practice to heighten your level of presence, restore balance to your nervous system, and reduce stress. 

We will start with light stretching and then go into a guided breathwork meditation. I encourage you to have a journal handy to reflect on any insights the come up during your experience. 
November 2021
Naushad is incredible! His ability to pull you out of your busy headspace and ground you in the present moment, and create a safe space for you to just be (however that may be) is wonderful! I look forward to Naushad's classes, because they truly are my moments of zen, and it is so nice to be able to move and meditate with other people. Thank you Naushad!
October 2021
July 2021
Soothing and tranquil. Loved it. A great way to start a beautiful day.
May 2021
Its always a treat to start my Sundays with Naushad's Zen Sunday class. The light movement and breathing is just what I need to get good energy flowing. Naushad is very thoughtful and loves sharing new insights. This weak he shared a new book called Breathe by James Nestor that he is a very worthwhile read.
April 2021
Always a great way to start the day🙏👌
February 2021
Awesome! I loved his energy and all of his cues.
February 2021
Naush's classes are wonderful! The breathwork practices he guides the students through are so invigorating and such an effective way to shift energy. I always look forward to his classes as it is the best way to start my day! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us Naush! :)
February 2021
What a perfect way to start your day! Naush guided us through various relaxing body movements and stretches--my body, mind, and spirit very much appreciated it! Then it was followed by a calming meditation and breath work which helped me feel more relaxed and at ease. Thank you, Naush, for guiding us this morning and providing a space where we can nourish ourselves. I look forward to joining future Zen Sunday Mindfulness Sessions.
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