Spinal Care for Low Back & Neck

Hosted by Naushad Godrej
6 reviews

Develop confidence & freedom in your body

This all levels class is focused on building foundational core strength and improving spinal health and mobility. You will learn techniques to alleviate nagging back aches and neck pain. 

Elements of yoga, pilates, and postural strength are woven together to help you cultivate more mindful awareness in your body. The principles covered in this class will help you move more freely, reduce pain, and develop more confidence in your body. 

July 2021
We really worked on our lower and mid back strength today and some shoulder rotations. The stretching felt good. It like it was just what I needed. Thanks Naush!
April 2021
As always, it energizes! I am able to go at my own pace with Naushad’s encouragement. Thank you.
March 2021
Naushad is thoughtful and knowledgeable, and his classes help me with my shoulder and neck pain and loosening my lower back. If a position is too hard, he suggests an alternative. He also has a very soothing voice, and exudes calm, which all of us need in our lives. The class is a tremendous lift to my day and I look forward to attending these sessions every week!
March 2021
After a long day of working from home on the computer, Naushad’s spinal care class is just what I need. I really enjoy the slow and relaxing pace. It feels like a movement meditation while also giving my body the care It needs. Tuesdays at 5:00 is a great time for me being after work, and right before dinner so I’m nice and relaxed to rest and digest. The classes are short and sweet. Highly recommend.
February 2021
This class is the best! Even after only two classes, I'm feeling such a difference. I'm sleeping better, moving with more ease, and feel more freedom in my whole body. Naush is an expert at making everyone at any level feel comfortable by giving excellent modifications throughout. Thank you so much, once again and I can't wait to continue taking this class!
February 2021
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