Power Rush Max

Hosted by Power Rush Fitness
8 reviews

45 minute all-out HIIT Class. Want to test your limits? This class is for you!

Power Rush Max takes the basics of Power Rush and adds an extra layer of challenge. Be pushed to overcome your perceived limitations.

Class Format: 45 mins

  • 5 minute Warm Up
  • 3 rounds of 6 movements
    • Every third movement will be a 90 second HIIT effort
    • All other movements are 60 seconds 
  • 60 second finisher
  • 5 minute Cooldown
August 2020
Pedro is awesome! It's the highlight of my week. Great workout, great sweat, great community, great staying connected! Thank you! 🙏💪
August 2020
Pedro makes working out fun and motivating. Each class always has different mix of movements so it never feels repetitive. He classes are packed with great exercises. His coaching style is encouraging and makes you want to keep going!
August 2020
Pedro is awesome instructor! The classes are dynamic and will give your energy for your day!
August 2020
Pedro's classes are great! He plans challenging exercises (with adjustments for various fitness levels) and brings plenty of variety to the workout for each session. He has created a precise tech/video set up with three cameras to show form from different angles. Thanks, Pedro!
July 2020
I love Power Rush! Pedro is so challenging and inspiring. I look forward to his class every week, keeps me positive:) During the class I'm dying but afterwards I feel great! Thanks Pedro for giving us this great gift!!
July 2020
LOVE! LOVE! LOVE Power Rush and the Power Rush Max. Class was EXCELLENT today! I love that the class is now 45 minutes. It requires a lot of energy and focus and so this 45 minute session allows for that. Pedro is also an amazing Instructor who puts a lot of time and dedication into creating each and every class. I look forward to my Power Rush weekends with Pedro. BRAVO!! 👏🏾👏🏾
July 2020
Really good class!!! Thanks Pedro!
July 2020
The class itself was fantastic. Pedro is a wonderful teacher; very motivational. The only hitch was very poor audio. I was able to hear only about 1/3 of what he was saying. Hopefully he can work that out.
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