Power Rush 60

Hosted by Power Rush Fitness
7 reviews

The original HIIT class created by Pedro! This 60 minute class is a full body workout designed to get you moving and sweating the whole way through!

60 minute HIIT Class

Class Format

  • 5 minute Warm Up
  • 3 rounds of 8 movements (1 minute per movement) 
  • Alternating between strength/conditioning and HIIT exercises
  • 5 minute Core section
  • 5 minute Cooldown

September 2020
Another great Power Rush for the weekend! Thanks Pedro!
August 2020
Pedro's Sunday class is the toughest one. That's why I love it, it's a great way to finish out the week! He's positive and makes you want to push yourself. And he's always coming up with ways to make the class better, with new moves and new tech. Thanks Pedro for giving us your all!!
August 2020
Amazing class. The repetition of the rounds is not only challenging but gives you chance to improve your technique with the moves.
August 2020
Amazing class!! Targeted arms, legs, abs... All I needed to feel strong💪🏼. Thank you Pedro!
July 2020
That was amazing! Great HIIT workout, high production quality, awesome instructor, and a very fun playlist. Pedro is the best!
July 2020
I love Power Rush classes! The classes include compound movements that keep your mind and body working at the same time. Pedro always walks through each exercise - including low impact and high impact variations - and the two cameras are really helpful to see exactly how each move should be performed. Great energy and positivity!
July 2020
Great class. Each exercise is described with two options - more advanced and a simpler version. Instructor attention to detail. Friendly, professional, inspiring.
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