Power Rush 30

Hosted by Power Rush Fitness
8 reviews

30 minute HIIT Class! I take all that we do in the original 60 minute class and pack it into 30 minutes!

Power Rush 30 is a HIIT style class that will get you sweating and working-- all in 30 minutes! Looking to fit a workout into your busy day? This class is for you!

Class Format:

  • 30 minutes total

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 3 rounds of 4 movements for 60 seconds each
    • Last movement Cardio/HIIT exercise 
  • 1 minute break after each round
  • 30 second HIIT Finisher
  • 5 minute cooldown

August 2020
Another huge hit. Pedro manages to change it up each time with new moves that leave me out of breath but having fun. And his production quality includes lower-thirds and a countdown clock!! 30 minutes is perfect for a mid week evening workout.
August 2020
The class was great! Pedro had great energy and was super positive and motivating throughout the whole session. I got my sweat on for sure! He also had great music!! Love a class where the music matches the energy of the class :)
July 2020
Fantastic, Highly motivating class! Advanced technology including timers and multiple camera angles enhance the workout and make you forget you're working out at home!
July 2020
Pedro has a very nice set up with multiple cameras which helps to see the exercise movements at different angles. This helps to ensure you're doing the exercise right. The workout definitely made me sweat. Finally, Pedro was friendly and encouraging throughout.
July 2020
Pedro's class was really fun and engaging! I liked that he showed us the exercises from different angles so it was more clear. It was challenging but doable for a beginner like me! Will definitely take another class again.
July 2020
Highly recommend this class!! Easy to follow with max calorie burner!! It’s easy to fit to fit into your schedule and it works great with limited space if you have a small apartment. I have three kids (a 6 year old and twins that just turned 3) and I’m able to sneak away for a quick 30 minutes that gives me a huge metal break! I look forward to this class each week! Thank you so much!!! Huge help with staying at home for the foreseeable future.
July 2020
Fantastic class that is quick, yet effect! Instructor did nice job motivating the participants. Looking forward to taking it again next week!
July 2020
Pedro is an amazing instructor! His class was high energy, high intensity and very easy to follow along. I haven't been active during the last few months but I'm now inspired to be more active!
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