Power Rush 30

Hosted by Power Rush Fitness
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30 minute HIIT Class! I take all that we do in the original 60 minute class and pack it into 30 minutes!

Power Rush 30 is a HIIT style class that will get you sweating and working-- all in 30 minutes! Looking to fit a workout into your busy day? This class is for you!

Class Format:

  • 30 minutes total

  • 5 minute warm up
  • 3 rounds of 4 movements for 60 seconds each
    • Last movement Cardio/HIIT exercise 
  • 1 minute break after each round
  • 30 second HIIT Finisher
  • 5 minute cooldown

Cancellation (paid drop-ins)
Cancel before your scheduled class start time, receive a full refund.
No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.