Bioenergy Strategies for Sleep

Hosted by Nick Loffree
2 reviews

Sleep can be hard, especially in the heat of summer. Learn how to shift your energy and biology for a deeper, easier night's sleep.

Bodies like a cool, dark environment for sleep, which is part of why summer can be the hardest time of year for light sleepers. In this workshop, we will look at how movement, breath, environment, diet, herbs, and more can all come together to support your brain resting well at night. 

Getting a good night's sleep is not just ideal, but foundational to good health, sharp cognitive abilities, and healing from patterns of stress or mental illness. Let's get ours dialed in with a fun afternoon over Zoom where I'll share everything I've learned about sleep over the last decade, including perspectives from both Chinese Medicine and biology. 

This will be held over Zoom where you will be able to interact and ask questions. It will also include two mindful movement practices: One standing Qigong routine and one seated Daoyin routine.

A recording of the workshop will be provided to all participants, so you can re-use the videos any time. 
July 2021
Nick, you are a wonderful teacher. Would love it if there was a way to log onto your website and access your workshops. Lee has where anything we purchase, we can access the media library and watch. Please consider getting a similar format. Thank you, Linda Diaz Maybe something similar to the library you created for teacher training. We need it easy!
July 2021
Excellent workshop!! Full of useful and immediately usable information and the practice routine was thoroughly explained. Nick is personable and a great communicator. He instinctively seems to know what to address as he's speaking. He answered several of my questions before I had a chance to even ask.
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