Dynamic Qigong

Hosted by Nick Loffree
16 reviews

Challenge your mind and body.

Take your Qigong to the next level with more complex forms, such as the 5 Animal Frolics, and more physically challenging sequences drawn from Kung Fu, Taiji, and Shaolin. This one will work our basic Qi cultivation and meditation skills as well as getting us fit and agile. 
April 2021
Today's class was excellent - very enjoyable!
April 2021
It was my first class. I needed the step by step instruction. Got a little befuddled at the end. Was surprised and happy about the meditation at the end. Thank you Nick. I think I need to repeat the sequences a few times rather than move on to new ones each session. Then I can let go into them.
April 2021
Nick's class today was fantastic! His classes are always exceptional and he is an extraordinary teacher--the very best!
March 2021
March 2021
I really enjoy Nick's ability to read my mind when I'm flailing around in a movement, and he sows down and goes through it slowly once again and then I'm back in the flow! Thanks Nick!
March 2021
It was awesome!
March 2021
Mike and I are really benefitting from the near-daily joint mobility work. Great way to start the day. I enjoyed your classes at BreatheTogether, and I enjoy them on Zoom. Thanks for the fine work.
March 2021
Very good
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