Yoga Express

Hosted by nancy kickham
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Yoga for Strength and Sanity.

Our usual Tuesday/Thursday yoga classes are now condensed into 30 minutes! 

Every Tuesday and Thursday we take a straightforward and light-hearted approach to yoga and some "not-so yoga" moves and work hard and have fun. Classes are challenging, so get ready to sweat. Each day has a focus and runs just 30 minutes so you can get your workout in and still eat lunch and get back to work renewed!

Tuesdays: Posterior Chain Flow Daily life, and even lots of workouts and yoga classes themselves, keep our anterior chain stronger, shorter, and tighter than our posterior chain. This class aims to counteract that through chest opening and back strengthening exercises and aims to provide the antidote to all that sitting! Think superhero, reverse table top, reverse plank, hip flexor and quadricep stretches and lots of glute bridges all woven into short but challenging sequences. Expect your backside to awaken and be standing upright when we're done. If you sit at a desk for work, this class is especially good for you!

Thursdays: Climber's Core We integrate core in every class, but do even more on Thursdays with static and dynamic exercises woven into our not-so-traditional poses. Drawing inspiration from rock climbing moves, we focus on hips, single leg balances, and plenty of core. Whether you're a climber or not, this class is a ton of hard work and fun.

200-hour Yoga Cert 2012
National Academy of Sports Medicine-PT Cert 2016

Lifelong dancer/dance teacher/yogi/yoga instructor/climber/skydiving coach/hiker/seeker of joy and adventure through movement!

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June 2021
Super efficient 30 min class to reset the body after computer work all week! Thank you Nancy!
May 2021
This class is quick but still works you hard! Expect to be sweaty and satisfied by the end of it! Nancy is great about reminding us to have good form, which I have learned is the key to making the workout really count. Highly recommend this class
May 2021
Lunchtime Yoga Express is the perfect class to release some stress, get in a quick and effective workout, and recharge for the day! Love the 30 minute class which I can easily fit into my lunch hour. Thank you Nancy for keeping us fit 5 days a week :)
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