Throughout my life, working out solely for the sake of looking fit was never enough motivation for me to stay in shape. Thankfully, I found fitness through other avenues that brought me happiness: dance, yoga, rock climbing and skydiving. I realized, though, that in order to keep doing those things, especially as I aged,  it was absolutely necessary to keep myself strong, mobile, and healthy. Getting fit was a means to an end and so I got more disciplined about it. Fitness to me is about feeling healthy, capable, and participating in the activities that inspire you or bring you happiness. So even if those activities aren’t adventure sports, and are something as beautiful and simple as picking up your kids without back pain, I believe having a secondary goal is what truly moves us. 

I've been teaching Yoga for Climbers and Strength Conditioning classes at Mission Cliffs Rock Climbing Gym in San Francisco since 2016, as well as teaching one-on-one yoga and personal training through my own business, nankickfit, since 2012 (and now online since COVID hit in March of 2020). In 2014 I became a certified skydiving coach (after being bitten by the skydiving bug) so that I could keep teaching body awareness, now in the sky, and have logged over 1,000 jumps! Whether you’re in the sky or on the ground, body awareness is the common theme and this is especially true for my favorite client: my 82-year-old mom. Watching her become more body aware, improve her balance, confidence, mobility and strength has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. 

So whether you’re an adrenalin junkie in the sky or an 82-year-old grandmother or somewhere in between, I’d love to create a workout that’s appropriate and FUN for you.  

*Certified 200-hour yoga instructor 
*Certified personal trainer NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)