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Pranayama Chakra Meditation, The Chakra Series, Your Yoga Flow & Yoga Nidra


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Offers Private Yoga Therapy Wellness Sessions.  These sessions are more than a yoga class, and not talk therapy.  They are energy psychology in motion with somatic psychology and The 8 Limbs of Yoga.  Take your personal growth and self-care to the next level on the mat, and tap-in, tune-in, and turn-on your higher self and vibrant health.

1. Pranayama Chakra Meditation

ABOUT: Pranayama Chakra Meditation is a pranayama (breathwork), bandha (energy locks) movements, and chakra (energy centers) meditation. The practice is sequenced to awaken the vitality of breath (prana), activate our energetic centers (chakras) and regulate the flow of energy (bandha) while creating a state of bliss (samadhi).  

The movements are slow and simple, the breathwork is powerful and rejuvenating, and the meditation is clarifying and restorative.  

2. The Chakra Series

ABOUT: The Chakra series is a seven-day chakra series yoga class that focuses on pranayama, asana, bandha, and dhyana, specifically for that chakra.   

You will learn specific breathing techniques, poses, regulation, and meditation specific to each one of the seven chakras. 

Get ready to tap-in, tune-in, and turn-on your energetic system.

3. Your Yoga Flow 

ABOUT: Your Yoga Flow is a personalized chakra yoga sequence, designed specifically for your energy systemWe will identify where you are, and where you want to be.  I will create a chakra yoga flow series just for you. 

You will leave with a customized yoga practice, more clarity about what your chakra areas are communicating to you, and what asana will help you balance those centers so you can experience more vitality and peace of mind. 

4.Yoga Nidra

ABOUT: Yoga Nidra, or yogic sleep, is a relaxing and therapeutic yoga experience. Gather your favorite comfortable blanket, pillow, stuffed animal, whatever you need to lay comfortably for a relaxing, soothing, and affirming 30-minute yoga Nidra group wellness session. 

You will be guided to relaxation, drop out of the alpha brainwave state of the day, and tune-in to tranquil powers & deeper states of relaxation.  

Relax, nap, and tune-in to an empowering place of consciousness and awaken what is within. 

The session ends with a gradual and gentle return to wakefulness, or you can remain rested and drift off to sleep, as the practice closes.  

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No reviews yet
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