45 Minute Workout with Marisol

Hosted by Marisol Fitness
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45 minute Dynamic workouts targeting multiple muscle groups to give you strength, balance and flexibility for a functional lifestyle.

Whether you are beginning to exercise after years of sedentary living or an elite-level athlete trying to fine tune your performance, we provide an innovative, systematic and comprehensive approach to achieve long lasting results. Through our virtual workouts you will gain confidence and better techniques to perform exercises that benefit your activities of daily life. Because fitness should be about improving your life and not just your body.
November 2020
Thanks for a great class!
November 2020
Thank you Marisol! Very well planned class and great start of Monday❣️
August 2020
Great instructor!
August 2020
Love the functional workouts! Makes me feel stronger and more aware throughout the day of my posture. Thanks you!!
August 2020
I used Nike Training. The Peloton app and a couple others but deleted them all once I started training with Marisol. She has a great variety of workouts that hits muscles, cardio and even yoga sculpt. I am 52 and as fit as I have been in years. Thank you Marisol Fitness!!
August 2020
this was my first class. I think it was a very good class for people who are already working out and know the exercises. They can get lot of calories burnt in short time. This was my first class. It was very fast for me and as I have not done any muscle or strength training past 5 months. My body is super sore so couldn't join today. Having difficulty walking and climbing stairs. If they can show the same exercise for the beginner variant and how we can pace it will be really helpful. I think there wasnt enough time in between routine (short breaks) to catch up on breath or drink water maybe as i am new i felt like that. Its a great class for sure for people who already have a good stamina and can get lots done in short time. Hope I can be there one day. Thanks for the class. Will try to join tomorrows class if the soreness feels better. Thanks Aparna
August 2020
I loved it! Great circuit with lots of challenging moves hitting all areas of the body. I feel tired, but also energized! I aslo appreciated the thorough warm up, cool down and stretch. Thanks for the great workout!
August 2020
Mirasol is the best! She is so knowledgeable and motivating. Since COVID I have been taking her classes at least 4 days per week and I have gotten so much stronger. I especially love Tabata Thursdays.
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