Sound Healing

Hosted by Marian McNair
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Relax deeply with Crystal Bowls and Voice


Sound is a powerful tool for healing. Allow the frequencies of the crystal bowls and voice to calm you so that your body can heal and you feel balanced.

Each sound session is different. Do you have a specific goal? What are your hopes and dreams? Sometimes we need time to process as we navigate different times in our life. A sound session allows your creativity to flow as you gain insights and connection to your deepest self. Sometimes a series of sound sessions helps us release blocks that have been holding us back and bring more clarity into our lives.

Sound works by traveling through you. Everything is vibrating all the time, although we are not aware of it. 

We are living in a soundscape. Do the sounds around you support you?

Working with sound can be life changing and can be felt long after each session. Try it and free yourself from tension, grief and anxiety.

Throughout many years I have worked with many people to help them discover and live a more balanced life. Sound allows healing on the cellular level.

Here is more about sound:

The healing use of sound is ancient and dates back thousands of years. Egyptian priests understood the power of tone and sound and practiced using the voice creating resonant vowel sounds. The cultures of India, Africa and Tibet have utilized chanting and sound as part of their daily connection to Source and have used bells, horns, metal bowls, and drums to name a few instruments. Even today when hearing large church bells ringing we recognize the calling to something higher within. Indeed sound is powerful. We only have to recall different sounds to understand their affect. The sounds of leaf blowers and car horns can bring us feelings of anxiety and tension. Hearing the sounds of waves against the shore or the welcome sound of migratory birds returning to us for spring call us deeper into the larger scope of life that bring us renewal and peace. Sound is vibration and we are participating in this symphony with various sounds as well as all of our cells and molecules. We are not aware that dissonant sounds affect us, but in actuality they do. In fact, the use of dissonance in sound healing can help bring change to stagnant energy and patterns. It is with intention that we create change within ourselves. Utilizing sound can remind us of our divine nature and creativity. 

Crystal bowl sound healing has been around since ancient times. It is used to bring about measurable health benefits that include slowed heart and pulse rates, cortisol levels and general stress reduction with greater mental clarity.

Marian McNair hasn't been around that long, but she has been working with and perfecting her practice with crystal bowls for the last twenty five years. She has produced four cd's that she uses in her practice. Her journey of health and sound began at a young age resulting in a Masters in Fine Arts as well as a Masters in Education, teaching many wonderful students along the way.
No reviews yet
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