Yoga with Marian

Hosted by Marian McNair
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Strengthen your bones with standing yoga poses and on your mat.


Yoga With Marian

As we age we lose muscle mass and need to maintain strength and balance. I want to help you maintain your body and life through practicing yoga. Join me!

Try different classes here. Every class has a different emphasis and theme. I want to know what you like and how I can help you stay strong, calm and flexible. We are all in this together. 

Current Offerings:

Balance and Bone Strengthening Yoga - In this class we will work on standing strengthening yoga poses as well as core poses on our mat for abs, hips and lower back. We will warm up slowly and safely. 

It's important to keep challenging ourselves as we age. We want to continue living fully and not give up. I believe in you! I want to make sure you feel comfortable and that you feel strong. Listen to your body. All poses can be modified for you using props.

Your practice in this class will develop core strength by holding each standing pose while strengthening your hips and back. This helps prevent injuries and to increase balance. Weekly practice will allow your body time to build strength while increasing flexibility and stamina.

Please ask me any questions you have about Bone Strengthening Yoga.

  • Props needed: blocks and strap. Sometimes we use a roller too. It's great to help develop balance and core strength.

Gentle Yoga - This class allows your body time to slow down and feel your breath while moving from posture to posture and toning core muscles. Support yourself with care and kindness while strengthening the area around the knees and hips and to unwind tension and tightness in the low back. Every movement can be modified for greater comfort and support. Starting slow and steady will help build your practice.

Yoga helps us find our way with greater awareness and to relax deeper. Practicing gentle yoga allows time to move slowly and observe ourselves and our body, bringing greater compassion and understanding to where we are right now.

I welcome all questions and want to help you move more easily with gentle yoga.

  • Props needed: blocks, strap, blanket.

Immune Support Yoga - Join us and strengthen your immune system with restorative yoga poses that help release stress and allow your immune system time to strengthen and heal. Always listen to your body with what postures and movements feel right to you. You can use whatever is in your own home to help support your body, although listed below are recommended props. 

During class, notice your breathing and allow each cell to relax. Meditation at the end of each session for optimal relaxation. Feel free to ask any questions. I am happy to answer them and I look forward to working with you. 

  • Props needed: mat, firm blanket, block, folding chair, space near a wall.

Sunday Stretch- Do you need time to relax and breathe? Join us every Sunday with your bolster and chair. We use the chair for balance, greater flexibility and mobility. We also breathe a lot and practice breathing. It is a great way to enjoy a Sunday morning and you will feel great afterwards. Beginners welcome. 

Are you feeling tight and want to increase your flexibility? Join us and use a folding chair to help with balance, tight hips and hamstrings. Strengthen your back with easy and gentle stretches. Open up your shoulders and breathe deeply into your whole body. Feel  peace within. 

  • Props needed: Folding chair, mat for underneath the chair, bolster.
August 2021
Another great class with Marian! Her class starts my days with such a great feeling of flexibility and joy. I am always grateful to have found Marian as a wonderful yoga teacher and friend!
August 2021
I loved the class. As always Marian brings her wonderful skills and her soothing, warm and loving style to every class that I have taken with her!
March 2021
The classes just keep getting better.
February 2021
Always pleasant and informative. Gentle for anyone to do.
February 2021
l loved the class. Unfortunately, my internet went out about 5 minutes before it ended. So I am sorry I did not complete the class.
Anne R
January 2021
Marian leads a powerful class done in a very gentle manner. Starting my day with Marian's class is a wonderful way to center myself, stretch, and strengthen my muscles in a very peaceful atmosphere.
December 2020
My class is always wonderful. I hate it when I have to miss a session. I have been practicing Gentle Yoga with Marian for a while. It has helped me with flexibility and stability which I seem to need more and more every year. I highly recommend the Gentle Yoga class.
December 2020
Very nice, as always
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