Sound Meditation with Crystal Bowls and Voice

Hosted by Marian McNair
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Join me for restful sounds of crystal bowls and voice for deep sound meditation.

Find inner peace with the soothing sounds of crystal bowls and Marian's voice. 

Sound therapy is an ancient practice to help bring peace and harmony to every cell and molecule of your body. 

Feel your whole body relax into the sound bringing calm into your whole being.

Inner peace and greater joy are gifts from sound healing. Experience it!

  • Have a quiet space ready on your mat, sofa or bed. Make sure you are ready to relax and can let go of any stressors.

  • Watch the You Tube video. That's what a sound session will be like. Each session is different and is completely for you and whatever your needs may be. Private sound sessions with crystal bowls and voice are a powerful way to deepen your personal meditation experience and explore your inner self. Many people who have had trouble meditating before can be helped with the use of sound. 

  • Group sound sessions allow us to work with the sound together. Many times group sound sessions have a theme and intention. Everyone needs peace. It is a great way to connect with like minded people and offer each other community and light.

Here is a little more about the history of sound:

The healing use of sound is ancient and dates back thousands of years. Egyptian priests understood the power of tone and sound and practiced using the voice creating resonant vowel sounds. The cultures of India, Africa and Tibet have utilized chanting and sound as part of their daily connection to Source and have used bells, horns, metal bowls, and drums to name a few instruments. Even today when hearing large church bells ringing we recognize the calling to something higher within. Indeed sound is powerful. We only have to recall different sounds to understand their affect. The sounds of leaf blowers and car horns can bring us feelings of anxiety and tension. Hearing the sounds of waves against the shore or the welcome sound of migratory birds returning to us for spring call us deeper into the larger scope of life that bring us renewal and peace. Sound is vibration and we are participating in this symphony with various sounds as well as all of our cells and molecules. We are not aware that dissonant sounds affect us, but in actuality they do. In fact, the use of dissonance in sound healing can help bring change to stagnant energy and patterns. It is with intention that we create change within ourselves. Utilizing sound can remind us of our divine nature and creativity.

Marian McNair, MATC, MFA has worked with sound and vibrational healing for over 25 years and has produced four CDs which compliment her teaching. Marian has also taught and studied many forms of yoga for over 30 years. Her wellness presentations combine her extensive yoga background with the fundamentals of the ancient healing art of crystal bowl vibrational sound therapy. Marian leads group and private yoga and sound healing classes as well as presenting workshops on the science of vibrational sound healing. Marian presents these events to women’s groups, ceremonies and celebrations. 

October 2020
October 2020
The class was wonderful! Marian is so knowledgeable in using the crystal bowls and her beautiful voice to bring us a measure of peace and healing energy. Thank you!
September 2020
She has a real gift. The class was fantastic
September 2020
I have never attended anything quite like it. Very relaxing.
September 2020
Such a wonderful, peaceful and positive class! I felt like there were angels singing. You made the lights shine, Marian. We got a peaceful, easy feeling and experience. Thank you.
September 2020
Thank you Marian, just what was needed at this time. Please count me in for a monthly dose of healing!
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