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Signature Full Body Class


What to expect

Signature full body, pilates-fusion class. Designed for anyone looking to move their bodies with other powerful people from the comfort of your own home. You will need sliders (or anything that functions as such - socks, dishtowels, etc.) and light weights. 

This is a 45 minute class that emphasizes strength training and concludes with a short cool down / stretch. Feel free to log on a few minutes early to set up, ask questions, and connect with your community. See you there!

June 2021
I love these classes! I want to take them mire but 8:00am rarely works. My daughter is off today so I was able to attend, liv is an awesome teacher. Earlier classes please 😀
May 2021
Excellent workout class.
May 2021
Love your classes but would be even better if they can be 60 minutes, and include more intense lower body and core exercises and less glute bridge work (which I frankly find not intense enough).
May 2021
She is a sequence queen! Smooth transitions, clear direction, bubbly demeanor, she’s wonderful in every way! Every class is a complete burner, leaves you sore but her clear form cues ensure your not leaving with an injury. Low impact, full burn, high energy delight! Olivia is a super star - it is a welcoming class for all levels! It’s a no judgement zone and amazing workout!!
May 2021
So amazing. Class flies by and the workout leaves me good sore! Sorry I leave a bit early some days, I have meetings at 9 and need some prior :)
May 2021
Wonderful class! I love the format, pacing and new moves. Great playlist today too!
May 2021
Just the absolute best workout with the best coach imaginable. Olivia is always bright and sunny with new and exciting sequences. Her technique pointers are helpful for beginners all the way to Pilates pros. Plus her playlists are A1. Do yourself a favor and take this class. I know I will- every week until the end of time!
May 2021
Amazing class! Liv always keeps it interesting and challenging, even when at home. It’s a great way to start your day!
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