Aligned Fitness offers individual Posture Therapy sessions, Posture Therapy classes, and Qigong classes.  Lisa Decker has a master's degree in Human Movement and is a certified Egoscue postural therapist, personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  She is also a certified Foundation Training instructor and holds a three year certification in medical qigong.  For more information on the services provided and a more detailed bio go to www.alignedfit.com

Subscribe to QiFLOW!  QiFLOW is a qigong class that meets Thursday mornings at 10:30am PDT.  Based in the principles of Chinese Medicine, qigong is a gentle movement meditation practice. Qigong has been proven to reduce stress, build stamina, calm the nervous system, reduce anxiety and enhance the immune system.  Classes are designed to clear through organ systems, rebalance the meridians, restore posture, restore joint mobility and clear the mind.  These practices will help you to regain control of your physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

Access my videos page to try a "FREE" QiFLOW classes. Be sure to read the description for each class to find one that fits what you are looking for.  Subscribe to the QiFLOW class to learn each practice in detail, the proper alignment and form for each exercise, and what each exercise is doing for your body as well as what element and organ/meridian system it pertains to.