Chataranga Workshop

Hosted by Lina Alfinito
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Customizing a safe and sustainable chataranga for your practice.

Have you ever found yourself struggling through the transitions in a vinyasa yoga class?

Have you ever done a chataranga and felt pain or thought, "...I don't think that was it"?

In this workshop we will break down the chataranga (sometimes referred to as 'yogi push up') and exactly why it's not clicking in your body!

The yoga industry has existed as a large scale game of "Telephone" for many years. Teachers unknowingly pass on guidance to other teachers that isn't anatomically sound and many directions get misinterpreted over time. In addition, many disciplines of yoga do not bear in mind sustainable movement patterns and the individuality of each human body. Chataranga is no exception!

After eight years of teaching I finally learned the key to a safe and sustainable Chataranga. I will give you tips and drills to customize the chataranga for your body and your practice. 
July 2021
Very helpful workshop for beginners to experienced yoga practitioners. Too many folks pay little attention to technique and end up with injuries. Lina provides excellent instruction, great visual aids, and reminds folks to listen to their bodies when doing poses. I have been practicing yoga for many years and still find much to learn!
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