Fatburn Extreme - online

Hosted by Kayleigh Clements
4 reviews

Join me for this fixed 20 minute, maximum intensity rest based workout, using only bodyweight exercises to emulsify fat and tone muscles.

This is the class that not only got me back into fitness but also got me to where I am today and I am so thrilled and excited to be able to share it with you all.
This class includes a warm up and cool down so in total last for 30 minutes. Whilst doing the 20 minutes of the workout you work to your absolute maximum until you cannot give anymore and only then do you take a break - MAX AND RELAX - if you can complete the class without a rest then you've not worked hard enough, it's all on you but that's what makes it so effective!! We are all so individual in the way our bodies work and that's why with FATBURN EXTREME you get the results because you are working to your own individual maximum intensity.

Please can I ask that you ensure you have filled out this PAR-Q before participating in class https://forms.gle/uPXi9jrfNJ3RKuc67
Please feel free to contact me directly to let me know of any injuries, pregnancy etc. and I can advise further.
July 2021
Great class, go at your own pace no pressure, and Kayleigh always lets you know if there’s an easy option to do depending on your capability. Xx
May 2021
Fab workout with a great instructor
May 2021
Excellent class with a great instructor. Feel the burn 🔥
May 2021
Amazing workout 💪
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