Jill Brown
85 reviews
Jill is a highly credentialed fitness authority with 27+ years of experience teaching fitness. Jill's classes focus on form and technique to maximize your results, prevent injuries and even help heal existing ones.
Express Workouts
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$19 /mo
$25 /mo
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25 to 30 min. classes focused on arms, booty, abs and stretching
3 or more live classes per week
On-demand video access to all Express classes and bonuses
Q&A time after class
Access to my private fitness community
Monthly Unlimited Class Access
$99 /mo
Unlimited access to all fitness classes
8 - 10 live full length & express classes a week
On-Demand video access to all workouts
Q&A time after class
Access to Coaching Corner "ask me anything" sessions and my private fitness community