*SPECIAL EVENT* Nutrition Made Simple Q & A

Hosted by Jill Brown
4 reviews

Got questions about your diet? Ask me questions here!

Here's your chance to pick my brain and get free diet and nutrition tips from me.  Wondering what simple things you can do to speed up fat loss?  Maybe you have questions about Intermittent Fasting or different types of diets like Paleo, Keto, Vegan, Carnivore, etc?  Fire away!

If you can't make it live, get the replay link to watch when it's more convenient.  I promise there will be people who have the same questions you do.

August 2020
Class was great. Jill's experience and continuing education enable her to make the weight loss and muscle gain topics very simple to understand. She presents all nutrition topics in light of most recent credible science. I also like how she keeps individual human genetics in the back of her mind to help understand exceptions.
August 2020
Excellent 360 review Jill! So many pearls, relevant and new information. Highly recommend to everybody to have a chance to attend to this seminar. Jill is a superb professional with the knowledge and power To combine fitness and nutrition. Thank you so much!
August 2020
Excellent!!! Jill is a total pro..knows her stuff inside and out and helped me learn so much about my current nutrition situation!
Aviva Shira
August 2020
Jill is a wealth of information. Great class! I picked up some useful tips and strategies that can help me Optimize my workouts and nutrition for menopause.
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