Fit & Fierce Over 40 with Jill Brown

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Cross Training Workouts, specifically designed for bodies over 40, 50 and beyond

Welcome to the tribe!

Each day we do a different workout.  This is the idea behind cross training.  It prevents you from hitting fitness plateaus, overtraining and from getting bored.
The workouts range from light weights with high reps to heavier weights and intervals (HIITs).
I have them arranged in a specific order, so if you are able, follow them in the same sequence, even if it's not on the same day I teach them.

Always feel free to reach out with questions!


Equipment Recommendations:
Dumbbells and or kettlebells of various weights.  Loop band for around thighs.  Resistance band with or without handles.  Pilates ring or a ball or pillow you can squeeze between your thighs.  A chair or bench you can put your feet on.  A book or plank you can put your heels on for squats.
*You don't need to have everything here.  Bring what you have and we can improvise for what you don't have.  (Water bottles make great substitutes for dumbbells).

Need Some Gear?
🏋️I get all of mine at ProSourceFit.  They sell professional quality home equipment at great prices.  Plus you get to use my discount code for 10% off your first order!

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September 2020
Thank you Jill ! An amazing full body workout! Jill is one of the best ever instructors. She is so knowledgable and energetic, enthusiastic! There are very few instructors that are so careful and conscious with form and injury prevention. Even fewer that continuously correct us. Try her class!!
August 2020
I enjoy Jill's classes because they are not only effective, but she explains how to do each exercise correctly and what muscle group you are working. It's a fun workout!
August 2020
Loved the pace of the class Continuous strength Would like to be able to do the classes On my own schedule Thanks Jill
August 2020
Class was good! Please continue to send me notifications of your classes.
August 2020
Great class! Easy to follow...Jill explains everything as you do it so you learn!
August 2020
great class!!
August 2020
Tough class - in a good way! Jill was very dedicated to form and to joint health by the way she ran her class. She is an inspiration!
August 2020
Jill’s class was fantastic as usual. I’ve been following her and know her personally and her workouts are amazing, she is knowledgeable, and her energy it’s contagious! Highly recommend her wellness and fitness program. Thank you Jill you are beautiful inside and out.
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