Fit & Fierce Over 40 - 14 Day Fall Fitness Challenge

Hosted by Jill Brown
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14 Days of Fitness, Motivation, Nutrition Coaching & Accountability for just $25!


Get two weeks of accountability, workouts, nutrition coaching and mentoring for just $25.  This program will kick your body and mind into high gear for the fall season🍁!  

As the days get shorter and the temps drop, we start to lose motivation and energy.  Don't worry!  I won't let you fall into a slump this season.  For 14 days I'll be with you for daily workouts, nutrition coaching, mentoring, self care and Q & A sessions

At the end of the challenge, 5 winners will get a prize package.  I'll give you the details once you sign up!

What's should I know about the workouts?
This a Cross Training workout program.  It's important, especially after 40 (even your 30's), to do a variety of types of workouts that improve cardiovascular & muscular strength and endurance as well as improve balance, mobility and agility.  There's no high-impact work.  Some workouts are no-impact, others incorporate some light to moderate impact moves.  I will demonstrate no impact versions for all exercises.

What If I'm not very fit or just starting out?
No worries.  I offer modifications for every exercise.  I will never push you beyond where you want to go. The beauty of online classes is you can pace yourself without feeling intimidated.  The most important thing, whatever your fitness level, is showing up and doing what you can each day.  Consistency is the true key to fitness.

How do I pay?
Please make your $25 payment to me via Venmo:  Jill-brown-27  or
PayPal:  jill@jillbrownfitness (310) 991-9557 🙏 

Here's the schedule:

10/19 Monday 
  • 9 am PDT - LeanLines Toning & Cardio (50 min.)  A combination of light weights / high reps and short bouts of cardio.
  • 10 am PDT - Booty Blast (25 min.)
🎵Top 40 hits & dance remixes 🎵

10/20 Tuesday
  • 9 am PDT - Tabata! (45 min.) 4 min. rounds of HIIT intervals, 20 seconds work / 10 sec.  rest.  Short sweet and sweaty!💦
  • 10 am PDT - Ab Lab (25 min.)
🎵High energy dance & electronic hits🎵

10/21 Wednesday
  • 9 am PDT - Fully Functional (55 min.)  The workout everybody needs, especially over 40, for improving functional fitness, strength, agility balance and mobility
  • 10 am PDT - Tank Top Arms 💪🏼 (25 min.)
🎵Rock & Roll! 🎵

10/22 Thursday
  • 9 am PDT - P.H.I.I.T. Pilates High Intensity Training (55 min.) Each exercise is performed for 1 minute.  No formal Pilates experience necessary.
🎵Pop, remixes & top hits 🎵

10/23 Friday
  • 9 am PDT - MetCon.  Short for for Metabolic Conditioning.  5 min. rounds of intervals alternating between strength & cardio (50 min.)
  • 10 am PDT - Ab Lab (25 min.)
🎵High energy hits, remixes & rock 🎵

10/24 Saturday
  • 9 am PDT - Body Weight Fat Blast.  3, 10 min. rounds of body weight intervals. 
  • 10 am PDT - Recovery Stretch & Flow (30 min.)
🎵Flashback Friday! Retro hits 🎵

10/19 Sunday
  • 9:30 am PDT - Nutrition Coaching Corner.  Your diet questions, answered.  Email me your questions if you can't join me live and I'll answer as many as I can.  Do you have questions about diet trends, intermittent fasting, pre and post workout meals, macros?  Wondering what the best diets are?  Does celery juice and apple cider vinegar help you lose weight?  Go ahead and ask.

10/26 Sunday
  • 9:30 am PDT - A.M.A (Ask Me Anything).  Pick my brain.  I'm here to answer any of your fitness related questions.  Join me live or email me your question about workouts, goal setting, losing fat, gaining muscle, etc.  Just ask and I'll help guide or advise you within my scope of practice.

Equipment Recommendations:
Dumbbells and or kettlebells of various weights.  Loop band for around thighs.  Resistance band with or without handles.  Pilates ring or a ball or pillow you can squeeze between your thighs.  A chair or bench you can put your feet on.  A book or plank you can put your heels on for squats.
*You don't need to have everything here.  Bring what you have and we can improvise for what you don't have.  (Water bottles make great substitutes for dumbbells).
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Need Some Gear?
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