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Hosted by Jennifer Sage
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Indoor cycling classes based on science, empowered with great music, and topped with fun!


What to expect:

This class runs for 50–60 minutes (usually an hour, some interval classes are shorter). Class profiles will vary from climbing classes to short high-intensity intervals to longer high-end aerobic intervals to drills and technique improvement classes. I also love a good theme ride! 

All of my profiles have a clear objective and everything we do in class is based on proper cycling training and science. I like to make my classes engaging and fun. Most of the time, we ride to the beat on the working segments (with modifications provided). You can dissociate from the beat on recoveries and cool-downs.

Mental strength coaching is my specialty, so you can expect to learn how to focus, develop your own mantras and affirmations, and how to dig in deep and motivate yourself when the going gets tough. These are all mental skills that transfer to any physical or life challenge you may face outside of class. 

My music is chosen to match the message of the profile in energy, tempo, and focus. I love to include as many genres as possible and songs may come from all decades from the 60's to current day. That said, I have a particular affinity for world music and downtempo beats. Oh...and I love classic rock 'n' roll! And indie! 

What you won't find in these classes:

Everything we do on the bike has a purpose. You won't find any fluff in my classes—no weights, no pushups, no tap-backs—but you definitely will find yourself being challenged. While there usually isn't a lot of ups and downs, I offer options for those who may need to come out of the saddle more often, and for those who are more outdoor cycling focused, the option to sit for longer periods. 

What to bring:

Make sure to bring your water bottle, a towel, and plenty of determination and commitment! 

February 2021
Very personal and professional, enjoyed a good ride!
February 2021
Amazing! I feel so lucky to be able to ride with such a talented instructor. COVID doesn’t really have many silver linings, but this is definitely one! See you next week!
February 2021
Jennifer clearly knows her stuff and is a fantastic instructor. Her drills are challenging and fun. She knows the science of exercise and leads riders on a journey to improvement in their own fitness. Her rides push you hard while also giving just the right amount of time for recovery. Jennifer will help you thread your own needle to success!
February 2021
Jennifer is the consummate cycling instructor. I've been taking classes at conferences for many years and I always seek out her continuing ed resources which are prodigious. The class was well-structured. I knew the benchmarks I was striving for and how it would feel when I reached them. Her cueing was clear and insightful, and the music was fun. Jennifer runs a great class. She has made me a better instructor.
February 2021
This was my first ride with Jennifer and my first experience riding with power/wattage cueing. The result was a great workout! Thank you!
February 2021
I hope to keep it up . I liked the time 9:00 mst is good for me 3 x week is good too. If possible to have a session recorded for the times we can’t make
February 2021
I loved the class! I felt like I pushed myself harder since it was live. :)
February 2021
Great to ride with you again - been a long time - a London studio many years ago. Quality education as normal, ICA always my go to resource.
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