Hi there!  I'm Frances.  I'm a 44 year old mum of two small children.  Before starting a family I worked as a nutritional therapist helping all sorts of people but with a focus on weight loss, gut health and energy.  Alongside this I was a Zumba instructor (including Kids and Gold) for about 6 years.  

My interest in fitness and health stems from maybe a slightly different route in that I wasn't interested in it at all when I was younger and went to art college, partied a lot and didn't look after myself very well!  Until of course my body started to feel the strain.  I discovered healthy eating and yoga to ease me out of it and as my energy came back I got back into salsa dancing and trained in nutrition so I could help others experience the turn around that I had.  I then discovered Zumba and just found it ticked all the boxes and it felt very natural to start teaching it.

Since having my children I have taken further training to start my journey down the mainstream route in the UK.  I have my Exercise to Music Level 2 qualification and am CIMSPA registered and am about to start my personal trainer and gym instructor training.  I am hoping  in due course to expand my classes to include children's classes and pilates or yoga (I'm still an avid student of both).

I have always been passionate about helping others with their health.  These days I particularly have an interest in helping mums get back to feeling good after having kids.  I have a new found respect for mums everywhere and my eyes are fully open to the 'woman's load' and the expectation to be all things in all directions and how utterly exhausting it can be.  

My classes are partly designed for physical results, partly to just lift the mood.  People say they come away from my classes feeling uplifted, relaxed, happy, energized and of course sweaty.  We have a laugh and dance about like weirdos but we also work hard, at your level.

By far the cheapest way to do my classes regularly is to buy the block.  It helps so much with adherence to get your classes for the week planned and booked and you will also have access to videos of at least 10 classes that are regularly updated.

If you are new to the classes, please drop me a message to introduce yourself and I'd love to hear about your fitness goals and if you have any questions.  I look forward to meeting you.

Frances x