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A 30 minute stretching class that will leave you feeling amazing "and relaxed" all at the same time. It's only 30 minutes. We all have 30 minutes, especially when it means taking care of YOU!

Finding time to squeeze in a workout can be tough. But taking time to properly stretch can be even tougher. When you have a crazy busy life consumed by work, family, running errands and life in general, it's easy to forget about taking time out of the day to take care of YOU. It’s hard making time for ourselves when we are always busy taking care of everything else. Luckily this on-demand class allows you to take this 30-minute class when it's convenient for you. 
This 30 minute virtual stretch class is designed to give you a full body stretch in just the right amount of time AND in the comfort of your home. Stretching is often missed but is very critical and important to taking care of your body. We will work on stretching beyond our muscles and getting deep into the joints and tissues. Deep stretching will help with recovery from workouts, expand your flexibility, and relax you all at the same time.
We all need to stop and make sure we are taking time to take care of ourselves. So why not take 30 minutes out of your day and stretch with me?


  • Water
  • Space to stretch
  • Comfortable attire
  • A positive attitude
  • Equipment not required
       Optional equipment:
          *Yoga block
          *Bolster  (hole alternative could be a pillow or couch cushion)
          *Yoga strap (home alternatives could be a belt, long sock,; or a leash)

See you in class!

Fitness With Crystal 
September 2021
A whole class with stretching, perfect way to spend a Wednesday evening!
June 2021
Great class as always. 😍
January 2021
Thank you Crystal for kicking my butt today! And I greatly appreciate your help you're always there when I needed you, the workout was wonderful. Thank you again🙏🙏
January 2021
Amazing, as always <3
December 2020
This class was an absolute blast! It was a good blend of sweat, good music and fun energy. It was the perfect workout for a quick virtual celebration to show some love for ourselves. Thanks so much Crystal!
December 2020
Great quick full body workout that was easy to fit in the middle of my day. Crystal is high energy and the moves were challenging without being a struggle.
December 2020
What a fun class!! For me having great music and a motivated instructor keeps my attention. I really enjoyed it, I wanted to take a dance break a few times between doing my squats 🤣 Thanks again Crystal!
December 2020
Really great class!, highly recommend. If you want a quick and effective workout. Check her out! She really worked my thighs, thighs,thighs!
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