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Kick off your Sundays with a 1 hour workout. Remember a 1 hour class is only 4% out of your entire day. So let's do this and sign up today!

Rise & Grind Fit Fam! Wake up Sunday mornings and knock out a 1 hour virtual fitness class with me. Yes, it could be another day to sleep in but starting your day off with a great workout is the best way to set the tone for an amazing rest of your day. Let's get the blood flowing and the heart beat going. And speaking of beats, the music is always on point, fun, upbeat, and energetic. So let's do this and sign up today!
This class is also recorded and available for your to take at anytime. If your schedule doesn't allow you to make my LIVE class time, feel free to log in and tune in to my recorded class when it's convenience for you.  I know life can get busy, so creating recorded and on-demand classes makes it easier for you to workout when you have time.

We all need to stop and make sure we are taking time to take care of ourselves. So why not take an hour out of your day and workout with me?


  • Water
  • Space to workout
  • Fitness attire
  • A positive attitude
  • Equipment not required
       Optional equipment

*Class Cancelation Policy: LIVE classes will be canceled if there are no sign ups 2 hours prior to when class starts.

See you in class!

Fitness With Crystal 
June 2021
Awesome class today! It's a 100° outside, hot is all get out which makes you want to do absolutely nothing, but Crystal motivates and pushes you to move!!!! I feel so much better after taking today's class, sweaty, but feel great! Great class as always Crystal, Thank you!!!!
May 2021
Great class! Upper, Lower, and Abs all got a work out!
January 2021
All I can say is awesome. I am new to the class my daughter Rebecca recommended the class to me. I am 66 years old and trying to strengthen my core so it is perfect. Thank you for your attention to detail on how to move and not to move. Great class I would highly recommend it to any age.
December 2020
Crystal creates interesting and unique workout routines that are fun and challenging. She keeps the energy up and the time flies by!
December 2020
Awesome class I really enjoyed it worked up a sweat.
December 2020
I really enjoyed that Crystal showed us what we were going to do before actually doing it. I'm new to working out so I found it extremely helpful. I was nervous, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. As soon as I can move my legs again, I would love to take another class.
December 2020
LOVE THIS CLASS! ❤️ Crystal is such a fantastic instructor. In her class, she always makes exercise fun! She plays great music, motivates everyone, and makes sure all of us students are having a good time. It feels like you’re having a blast with friends. Then, the next thing you know, you’re all sweaty and your quads are on fire! 🔥😆❤️🙌🏽 I love it. Thank you, Crystal!
December 2020
Class was amazing!!! Got my sweat on and enjoyed every minute of it. Looking forward to my next class!
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Cancellation (paid drop-ins)
Cancel before your scheduled class start time, receive a full refund.
No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.