Flexibility session with Master Trainer Donna Kay Lau

Hosted by Donna Kay Lau
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Flexibility class
Designed to be quick but effective a demo of my flexibility training.
Most emphasis on lower body, hips, hamstrings, low back, piraformis, some upper body.
PNF flexibility training (Series of tightening muscles and releasing, and breathwork)
Best performed after a workout or a warm up
Your body needs to be warmed up so arrive to this session ready.

What to bring
Bring your yoga mat or a blanket, or towel to lie down on.
This class is performed in a relaxed and passive position (Supine-on your back)
Also bring a yoga strap, or a belt, or a towel to aid in flexibility.

What to expect
To be relaxed after
This demo flexibility training was designed to be incorporated with your training schedule as a regular part of your workouts to aid in recovery and aid in daily movement.
For all ages, always go at your own pace and please email spinspaz@hotmail.com prior to session if you have any injuries Donna Kay Lau should know about so she can suggest modifications due to the instructor will not be able to connect during workout because it is virtual.

No reviews yet
Cancellation (paid drop-ins)
Cancel before your scheduled class start time, receive a full refund.
No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.