Power Hour

Hosted by Dash Fitness
7 reviews

Combine strength and cardio into one hour of FUN!

Ready to burn extreme calories?! This hour-long workout will be a combination of strength and cardio, but most importantly, we will have fun and enjoy ALL 60 minutes of it! :) You don't want to miss this!!!
April 2021
I have to work on Saturday morning so I did the recording when I got home at 8PM. Your classes are always amazing. I can’t wait until it’s workout time because Ashley and Darla make it so fun. When Jojo is working out also I just love her comments. Thank you for keeping me wanting to work out. Love Dash Fitness
April 2021
It was awesome!!! The energy, humor, and positivity of Ashley, Darla, and Jo Jo is just amazing! What a great start to a Saturday!! Thanks girls!
April 2021
AMAZING as always! Thank you ladies for being real...
April 2021
I never wake up early on Saturdays to work out. Ever. I.do.now! I loved Power Hour. It is a great mix of core, cardio, and strength. Darla and Ashley balance one another out and show modifications for beginners or for those of us who are DASH sore!! Awesome!
March 2021
I LOVE power hour class!!! Total full body workout/sweat session to rock your weekend!!
March 2021
These ladies kicked my butt this morning!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this new class they are offering on the weekends and LOVE the fun energy they bring to every class!
March 2021
Loved the “power hour”!! What an awesome way to start my Saturday!! It was a great mix of all my favorite things! Cardio, core and weights!
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