60 Min Cardio/Strength

Hosted by Dash Fitness
7 reviews

One hour of fat torching FUN!

May 2021
I didnt want to get up that early - I usually get up at 6:30. I had to wait till after 7:30 for the replay to post. Then BAM - hard core fast right off the bat. Would have liked a little more of a warm up. I missed the first class and am new to step so this was a real work out. Would have liked to see more of a gradual build into the fast step and maybe more explanation as it goes. Loved the work with weights!! Still looking forward to the next class! Hoping to get stronger and able to keep up!
May 2021
Absolutely love step aerobics!!!! Great class
May 2021
Such an awesome class.
May 2021
Thanks for the Kiss Ladies!!🔥🔥
May 2021
As always a good sweat on with these girls! Thank You Ashley, Darla & JoJo!!
May 2021
FUN!!!!!! FUN!!!!!! FUN!!!!!!!!
April 2021
music was a little too loud so I had a little difficulty hearing what they were saying but all in all, great workout, fun, & definitely worked up a sweat!
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