45 Minute Strength

Hosted by Dash Fitness
18 reviews

Build that strength & endurance with our 45 min lifting classes

Designed to build up that strength, these classes will be 45 minutes of slow, controlled weightlifting sessions. Using only dumbbells and bands - we will have you strengthening those muscles of your upper and lower body along with core! 
April 2021
Great workout and lots of options were given for exercises! Thank you!
April 2021
Great! Just what I need, familiar faces .
April 2021
awesome class as always!!
April 2021
Upper Cut is a fantastic class they really works ones arms and core. Darla modifies all the moves and makes the arms burn regardless of the level chosen. This is definitely a class that will give desired results. I love how she kicks our butt (and arms) with a smile! 😈🔥💪🏻
April 2021
I was late and missed the first 30 min of the workout, but it's great that I will be able to make that up by doing the recording!! ;)
March 2021
Another awesome class!!! Got the sore muscles today but the good sore!!!! Love Dash Fitness!!!
March 2021
I just love your work outs. You and Ashley always take time to tell how our posture is supposed to be and you always motivate me
March 2021
Really good workout! Definitely worked out my upper body.
Cancellation (paid drop-ins)
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No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.
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