30 Minute Cardio

Hosted by Dash Fitness
37 reviews

Get your heart pumping with these high cardio workouts!

HIIT Squad- This 45 minute class will combine strength training with intervals of cardio exercises to train you in that fat burning zone. Weights & bands will be used in this class - modifications will be shown if these pieces of equipment are unavailable to the member.

Kardio Kickboxing- High intensity cardio kick boxing. Intervals of boxing moments, kickboxing movements as well as bootcamp style HIIT movements. No equipment required for this workout - you will need space to move. 
March 2021
I have missed Jo Jo Zumba. She is so much fun and energetic. Love all the music you play.
March 2021
Love me some Jolene ❤️❤️❤️ Love the Sass she brings to Zumba class!!!
March 2021
That was super awesome workout, I absolutely loved it. I’m sweating like a pig lol
March 2021
I started late, and still got my buttocks kicked! ;)
March 2021
First half of class was real glitchy and hard to follow. I got a message saying low band width, so not sure if that was on my end. I just kept moving till it came back. Will have to see what the replay shows.
March 2021
So much fun!!
March 2021
I had so much fun! Can’t wait for my next class!
March 2021
I did the guns and buns workout yesterday and whew I'm feeling it today! I liked it.
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