15 Minute Express

Hosted by Dash Fitness
32 reviews

Short and sweet core/butt burner

Core Strength- In this short 15 minute core workout you will fire those abs and engage your core to build a solid foundation for all strength! Mini loop bands and dumbbells may be used during this workout - modifications will be shown if that equipment is unavailable for the member.

Burnin Bands- Get those booty bands out and get ready to feel that burn! This 15 minute class will be all about toning up that lower body while dancing to fun, upbeat music. Mini loop bands recommended for this class. 
March 2021
Love the band workout - a short, but intense workout. Great for those who don't have a lot of time to workout.
March 2021
That was quite possibly the fastest fifteen minutes! You know it's fun when it ends before you're ready! I love Dash Fitness!
March 2021
I enjoy all of the classes!! Ashley is so energetic and motivating!! Glad I decided to join
March 2021
Darla murders my abs! And that's not even keeping up with her!
March 2021
Loved the class and content. Had to do this class via video after the fact. Video’s aren’t real clear and tend to pause/lock up. Other than that, the class was amazing.
March 2021
I loved Darla's energy! Thanks for the great ab exercises, just what I needed to start the month off right :)
March 2021
Going good! My stomach is sore! I cant believe how weak I am when I got on the floor. Almost 2 years since I retired and its been too much sitting around! I modify when I can't do something and just keep moving. Takes me awhile to get up and down off the floor! Love the classes - hopefully in a month or two I will be in much better shape!
March 2021
Love your energy Ashley & Darla! You kicked my but 💕😍
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