Body with Britt Express

Hosted by Brittaney Deitz
17 reviews

An express-style class designed to maximize your results in the shortest time possible. The movements are selected to increase your overall fitness, strength, toning, and flexibility.

Short on time but still want to squeeze in a quick burn?  This 15-20 minute express-style class offers the same great benefits as the regular body classes, but in a fraction of the time.  Body with Britt Express is a perfect option for busy individuals, beginners, and those who are not ready to commit to the full length body classes just yet.  The express classes can be used as a standalone workout, or paired with another body or spin class!

Each Body with Britt Express class will be unique and focus on different muscle groups including lower body, upper body, and core, as well as some full body workouts too!  You will be amazed at the burn you can get in only 15-20 short minutes, and this class will leave you feeling empowered, re-energized, and help you de-stress from the demands of the day!  You will feel challenged mentally and physically, while also achieving that sense of accomplishment! 

While you are encouraged to go at your own level, this is a quick-paced class designed to maximize your results in the shortest amount of time possible. The movements are designed to increase your overall fitness, toning, strength and flexibility.  *There will not be a formal warm-up or cool down in these classes.  Please be sure to take proper care of your body. Come prepared to these classes with warmed-up and stretched-out muscles to prevent injury.  You are also encouraged to cool down on your own to reduce muscle soreness.

What You'll Need To Know
If you do not have a full weight set, that's okay!  You can make do with random pairs of weights of all different values.  Look around your home and find some common household items that can add weight to your workout like: shampoo bottles, soup cans, water bottles, laundry detergent, your pets or children (wink!), etc.  Get creative and have fun with it! 

You may want to wear sneakers for these workouts, but some people prefer bare feet.
April 2021
Oops, she..did it again! 😉Britt has an amazing way of giving you a full workout in a short period of time. These express classes pack a lot of work into your morning in an efficient way. Every class is different and she finds new ways of challenging those muscles (and making you find a s work muscles you didn’t know you had).
April 2021
I loved starting my morning with a burst of Tabata! Challenging moves, variety... perfect!
April 2021
Every class with Brittaney truly brings a fun and challenging experience. Her technique is always on point, full body exercises to increase overall body strength and the music is always so motivating! So thankful to have her spin classes and body class options daily! Movement is medicine!
March 2021
The express classes are perfect to fit in a quick, efficient workout into a busy day!
February 2021
Brit always brings it
February 2021
I love all my classes with Britt! She is an amazing instructor who really makes you work hard. These express classes are amazing, but be prepared, you will work your BUTT off in those 15-20 minutes, with sweat POURING out of you. Britt is incredibly caring, her moves can always be modified, and she will get you dancing!
February 2021
Britt never disappoints! Class was just what I needed: a fast-paced, efficient, fun, and demanding workout. She offered modifications to harder moves while still motivating you to push past your limits. Great variety of moves and music.
February 2021
I never thought that I'll be addicted to exercise in my life and all the credit goes to Brittaney. She's a game-changer and I enjoy even the hardest workout moves fun when I do it with her. Brittaney is the best part of my life
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