30-Minute Cycle

Hosted by Brittaney Deitz
87 reviews

A high-intensity, no-nonsense, efficient 30-minute ride. This class pairs perfectly with a Body Strength and Toning Class, but is ideal on it's own for busy days when you want to squeeze in a quick sweat session.

Want to squeeze in a workout even when your day has you pulled in multiple directions?  This class is perfect for the busy individual who doesn't want to neglect their fitness routine.  In this efficient, express-style class, you can feel good about completing a workout from start to finish.  This class is also perfect for beginner riders who aren't ready to commit to the longer classes just yet.  Thirty-minutes is all it takes to leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle whatever the day brings!  With careful consideration given to the playlist, this class is beat-driven, choreographed to the music, and maximizes your time on the bike .  You will feel valued and inspired by my individualized attention and encouragement.  I will challenge you mentally and physically while also making you feel like you are unstoppable!  By the end of the 30 minutes you will be drenched with sweat and feeling like a million bucks from the rush of endorphins!

What You'll Need To Know
You may want to have a water bottle and towel available on your bike.  You are not required to have your camera turned ON, but I encourage you to take advantage of the video feature so that I can see you, better connect, engage, encourage, and correct form.

*This is a cycling class, but all cardio machines are welcome!  You're encouraged to follow along to class whether you're on an outdoor walk or run, a treadmill, or elliptical. :o)
November 2020
Did the recorded class LOVED LOVED LOVED Tabatta 30 min class!!!! Best 30 minute workout ever!!!!!
November 2020
I wasn’t on “Team 30 minute workout” initially, but since I trust Britt I did the recording today and it was epic. Got my heart rate up, #sweatyAF, and the time flew by! I followed up with the 30 minute strength class recording for a perfect start to my day. Thanks for continuing to evolve to meet the needs of your clients girl!
November 2020
Great sweat in a 30-minute class! Perfect for a busy mama!
November 2020
Shorter does not mean easier! Today was my first day back with Britt after giving birth and taking almost 7 weeks off exercise. This 30 minute class was the perfect way to start back into an exercise routine to get my heart rate up & break a sweat, without taking too much time away from baby! I also did Britt's classes throughout pregnancy - modifying as necessary (my last class was at 39 weeks 6 days) - and noticed I had virtually no low back pain and wasn't getting nearly as winded in everyday life when I was consistent with her classes! Today's class was a Tabata format, allowing you to push as hard or as easy as you want, with Britt's awesome music and engaging personality to keep you going! As a fitness trainer myself, I 100% recommend Britt's classes to anyone at any ability level!
November 2020
The 30-minute format is fantastic! I went in thinking that I would have an easy, quick class during my lunch break and I was VERY wrong! The class was fast paced and very high intensity with little to no breaks so my whole body was exhausted by the end. I was sweatier after a half hour than I am after hour long classes. I loved this class style and will definitely take again!
November 2020
I was worried that 30 minutes wasn’t enough time to get everything I need out of a spin class but wow was I wrong! This class was high intensity from start to finish, pushing me to and through my normal maximum effort. Don’t sleep on this class, it’s amazing!
November 2020
If I could give Britt 6 stars, I would. Her energy is contagious. In her first 30 minute class to date she had me dripping sweat in my 35 degree garage! Also a perfect length to pair with a strength and toning class 💪🏼🙌🏼
November 2020
This was a great 30 minute class for when you’re short on time and don’t want to feel guilty leaving a class early. Also, this will be perfect to ramp up the heart rate before a body or weight lifting class
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