30-Minute Cycle

Hosted by Brittaney Deitz
78 reviews

A high-intensity, no-nonsense, efficient 30-minute ride. This class pairs perfectly with a Body Strength and Toning Class, but is ideal on it's own for busy days when you want to squeeze in a quick sweat session.

Want to squeeze in a workout even when your day has you pulled in multiple directions?  This class is perfect for the busy individual who doesn't want to neglect their fitness routine.  In this efficient, express-style class, you can feel good about completing a workout from start to finish.  This class is also perfect for beginner riders who aren't ready to commit to the longer classes just yet.  Thirty-minutes is all it takes to leave you feeling empowered and ready to tackle whatever the day brings!  With careful consideration given to the playlist, this class is beat-driven, choreographed to the music, and maximizes your time on the bike .  You will feel valued and inspired by my individualized attention and encouragement.  I will challenge you mentally and physically while also making you feel like you are unstoppable!  By the end of the 30 minutes you will be drenched with sweat and feeling like a million bucks from the rush of endorphins!

What You'll Need To Know
You may want to have a water bottle and towel available on your bike.  You are not required to have your camera turned ON, but I encourage you to take advantage of the video feature so that I can see you, better connect, engage, encourage, and correct form.

*This is a cycling class, but all cardio machines are welcome!  You're encouraged to follow along to class whether you're on an outdoor walk or run, a treadmill, or elliptical. :o)
January 2021
The Greatest Showman class... I cannot fully describe the joy and the heart that was in that class. It was therapy, and empowerment, and magic, all rolled into one. I can’t wait to pull that class out every time I’m feeling lost or down. Thank you for changing the game, Britt!
January 2021
Always an amazing workout by an awesome person!
January 2021
My first class in six months! It was fun & I hurt already! Love it!
January 2021
The best ..hands down fav spin instructor! Go go shorty ...it’s yer birthday
January 2021
The energy this woman brings day in and day out is amazing! Her spin classes are awesome, high energy and always great music. She keeps things fresh and is always adding new moves/class themes. She makes you work, but also makes you laugh and have fun! Britt keeps you wanting to show up!
January 2021
There aren't many things that can get me out of bed when I have no reason, but today was Britt's birthday! And, as usual, the class did not disappoint. But boy, 30-minutes flies by! Cycle on!
January 2021
The 30 min blast classes are BOMB! Perfect for this pregnant mama! Just the right amount of movement to start my busy day! Thanks a ton B!
January 2021
The Happy Hour ride with Britt was a great workout. I am glad to reconnect with her after first meeting Brittaney at Spin Revolution in Clifton Park about five or six years ago. I am sure that the classes will be even more fun in the future when her audio equipment decides to behave itself 😁
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