HIIT with Benjamin Hodson

Hosted by Benjamin Hodson
31 reviews

A dynamic, progressive and fast moving 45 minute HIIT offering from the functional HIIT specialist designed to maximise returns with functional movement, fitness, strength and flexibility. (Resistance bands required).

Designed to offer a unique online exercising experience for all, the virtual workout series will inspire and educate, bridging the gap between science and movement and above all, transform your body and change your mind about exercise.

Do you want to maximise your workout experience and learn at the same time?

Driven by a cumulative 80 years experience in the fitness industry working with athletes through to celebrities, our team of master trainers have the answers.

Our specially programmed HIIT, Loaded Movement and Kettlebell classes coupled with our innovative Yoga, Pilates and ROM stretch offerings will certainly hit the spot. 

Our High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes tick all the boxes with the perfect fusion of power and endurance training, optimising gains in functional movement, aerobic fitness, strength and calorie burn. 

Loaded Movement Training (LMT) bridges the gap between strength training and movement training for total body integration, maximising results. 

Following a progression from bodyweight HIIT, LMT takes functional training to the next level, adding load to maximise metabolic stimulation and after burn!

Our new live Kettlebell class with the 4-week, Fundamentals of Kettlebell Training on demand recordings, provide the added power element to the program.

Our Yoga and Pilates offerings add a quintessential mix of balanced, controlled total body movements to enhance core stability, postural alignment and flexibility.

To compliment the whole program, our ROM stretch classes will stretch and lengthen every muscle, tendon and ligament through full ‘range of motion’, to leave you mobilised, pain free and relaxed. 

So clamber aboard for what we promise to be the ride of your life!
August 2020
Benjamin Hodson knows his stuff! With over 20 years experience in the fitness industry, Ben has the knowledge and skill to structure sessions that offer a full body workout. He also suggests alternative exercises for those who require a lower impact version. He clearly loves what he does and this is evident in the enthusiastic and fun way he approaches each class. Give his virtual classes a try. What have you got to lose? Maybe a few inches? And then you can have that extra piece of cake or glass of your favourite tipple - guilt free. Shhhhh! But don't tell Ben I said so!
July 2020
Absolutely awesome 👏 👏👏. I’m addicted and highly recommend Ben’s classes, it’s a full body workout 🏋️‍♀️
July 2020
Amazing class today Ben! Ready for the weekend.
July 2020
Another brilliant class! Always feel better after a class with Ben, his enthusiasm and motivation to work hard is infectious. I’ve worked my body and cleared my head, I more than highly recommend it!
July 2020
What can I say !! The energy and enthusiasm Ben has to keep you motivated is boundless! Having been off for a week with an injury I really missed the HIIT sessions am SO glad to be back. This is addictive ! Roll on Friday’s class 💪🏻👊
July 2020
Ben provides a total body challenging and motivating HIT work out, with great warm ups and rewarding stretching at the end. Never disappointing.
July 2020
Enjoy my workout sessions with Ben......The sessions are varied and tough enough to keep you going and Ben makes it fun and keeps encouraging you to go on. Have been regular since the start of the quarantine sessions and have seen an increase in my flexibility and energy levels ! Thank you for your great workouts!!
July 2020
Another excellent class - thanks Ben!
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