AnelsaActive Live Virtual Training

Hosted by Anelsa Hooper
75 reviews

30 minute total body cardio and strength training

AnelsaActive Live Virtual training features total body cardio, high-intensity interval, and strength training using minimal equipment such as 5 & 10-pound dumbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, your bodyweight, or household items if you don't have access to weights!

I will have modifications and progressions to cater to all fitness levels so don't worry!
Every workout we do together will be unique, fun, and challenging at just the right pace! My workouts are designed to help you lose, build, and maintain a healthy body weight. You will also have the opportunity to do Q&As after every live class with Anelsa.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a spot lets have fun and sweat together :)

Equipment Needed:
✅5 & 10-pound Dumbbells 
✅Light, Medium & Heavy Resistance Bands
✅Your Bodyweight
✅ Sliders or Paper Plates
✅15-26 Pound Kettle Bell
✅Household Items to use as weights if you don't have any!

August 2020
My first time. It was awesome! I couldn't do everything as I got serious knee issues but I burned some calories today. Looking forward to next week. Great job, Anelsa.
Carol A
August 2020
This class was excellent. Anelsa took the time to show us the correct form and encourage the class. Her energy is awesome.
August 2020
I was late.. but what I did catch was great... I will try for the next class on time... left work late going to the next job.. But thank you. Had to modify some moves but still pushed myself..
August 2020
Superb!!!! You inspired me to move from the time I started following you. Thank you for your kind generosity, I greatly appreciate it. You are so patient One more thing I’m having difficulties losing my arms. What workouts would you best recommend for losing and toning. I don’t mind paying for you to show me
August 2020
Awesome class! Challenging but great.
August 2020
Great class really enjoyed it .
August 2020
Absolute excellent class!! Can't wait for the next session!! Thank you Anelsa!!
August 2020
Yesterday was my second time in the live virtual class with Ms.Anelsa,and i must say I loved every bit of it,I'm also looking forward to the next 2 classes!!!❤🤗🙂🔥🔥🔥
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No refunds if you cancel a booking after the scheduled class start time.
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