AnelsaActive Live Virtual Training

Hosted by Anelsa Hooper
75 reviews

30 minute total body cardio and strength training

AnelsaActive Live Virtual training features total body cardio, high-intensity interval, and strength training using minimal equipment such as 5 & 10-pound dumbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, your bodyweight, or household items if you don't have access to weights!

I will have modifications and progressions to cater to all fitness levels so don't worry!
Every workout we do together will be unique, fun, and challenging at just the right pace! My workouts are designed to help you lose, build, and maintain a healthy body weight. You will also have the opportunity to do Q&As after every live class with Anelsa.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a spot lets have fun and sweat together :)

Equipment Needed:
✅5 & 10-pound Dumbbells 
✅Light, Medium & Heavy Resistance Bands
✅Your Bodyweight
✅ Sliders or Paper Plates
✅15-26 Pound Kettle Bell
✅Household Items to use as weights if you don't have any!

August 2020
08/17/2020 We focus on strengthening exercise today. Emphasis was place on core strengthening, and I am quite weak in that area. But I can't give up, Anelsa encourages you to push. I am showing up for myself!
August 2020
The burn was real, but we all motivated each other by showing up continuing to end. Yeah team. Can't forget about our awesome coach, Anelsa.
August 2020
The class was awesome !! my 2nd doing her class and I have enjoyed both!, the class for me pushes me to give my all and not give up!. I also love the positivity and realness she brings.
August 2020
Thank you for the workout! Really appreciate you staying back to do Q&As! My arms are sore!
August 2020
Wonderful class. Thank you Anelsa
August 2020
This was my first class and I enjoyed it very much. Anelsa is so warm and motivating and her workouts are challenging but doable. I will definitely attend another class in the near future. Thanks again!
August 2020
It was very good. Thank you and loved the after discussion
August 2020
It was great. I enjoyed her energy, I enjoyed the class itself and felt there was a great amount of breaks which made the tough parts of the workout easier to get through.
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