Strength with Jade

Hosted by Jade Wilson
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A strength focused workout that pushes you to get stronger with limited access to equipment

This is a 50 minute Strength class committed to pushing your muscles to their absolute limit. We are focused on form and technique, building a foundation to maintain and build strength even without access to equipment or heavy weights. 
We take the pace much slower than HIIT to really establish a mind-muscle connection and push your body in a totally different way. 
We use techniques such as Time under Tension (TUT), Pre-Exhaustion, and Post Activation Potentiation (PAP), to get your muscles activated and make 10 lbs. feel like 100 lbs.
Time under Tension:
This principle refers to the amount of time a muscle is held under tension or strain during an exercise set. During TUT workouts, you lengthen (in time) each phase of the movement to make your sets longer. The idea is that this forces your muscles to work harder and optimizes muscular strength, endurance, and growth. An example of a TUT set we might do is…
Tempo rows 4x8
5 second hold at highest point of contraction in each rep. 
Pre-exhaustion might be one of my most favorite methods to use for strength training. For pre-exhaustion we focus on activating and exhausting the target muscle so that when it’s time to do the main movement or work, the muscle isn’t just warmed up and ready but its already running low on energy. This means that the muscle has to work particularly hard to do the work even though the weight being used may be lighter than normal. We can also focus on form here, ensuring that we are working the muscle hard while also maintaining proper form and control. An example of a Pre-exhaustion set we would do is… 
Pre-exhaustion set: 3 ROUNDS
Superman pulls x30 (pre-exhausts the lats, shoulders, and rhomboids)
Tempo rows x8 (5 second hold at main contraction) 
Piston rows x30 (as fast as you can) 
Post Activation Potentiation (PAP):
This refers to a short-term improvement in performance as a result of using a conditioning exercise. Many conditioning exercises, for example back squats, deadlifts, plyometrics and isometric contractions have all been shown to improve subsequent performances. We would prime the muscles with the main movement, then continue that movement in a more explosive form. An example of a PAP superset we would do is...
PAP Circuit: 3 ROUNDS
Bulgarian split squats x15 
Bulgarian split squat jumps x8 
This class is for all levels from beginner to advanced and can be modified and adapted to the equipment you do or don't have at home! 
September 2020
Strength class is my favorite! Thanks Jfor the encouragement Jade 💪🏻
September 2020
Jade is a fantastic trainer! Covid and a high stress job have severely limited my ability to get to the gym this year so working out with Jade via Zoom has made all the difference. The variety in exercises you get every week make it evident how much thought goes into each exercise plan she makes for her clients. I typically start to get bored or lazy if I’m doing the same thing every week which has never been a problem with Jade! She always mixes it up to keep it fun and ensure different parts of your body are feeling strong and healthy. Jade has such a passion for fitness and cares so much about making sure everyone is FEELING good, not just looking good. Would recommend training with her in the AM if you can — the rest of your day you will feel great.
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