HIIT with Jade

Hosted by Jade Wilson
5 reviews

A full body cardio blast class to get your heart rate going!

This is a 45 minute Cardio HIIT class that is guaranteed to get your heart rate going and burn as much fat as possible! All levels are welcome, as we adapt and modify every move to fit your body and level of fitness! 
Every class is a little bit different and we operate in circuits, ladders, and time intervals! 
Whether you have access to a gym with full equipment, or are working out from home with yourself and a few soup cans, you will definitely benefit from this workout! I modify each move to adapt to your situation, weight or no weight! 
If you’re new to this class and have any injuries or physical limitations feel free to shoot me a quick message before class and I’ll make sure to have all of the proper modifications ready and available for you! 
Water bottle 
If you have access to equipment: (Equipment not necessary, it just makes the workout a little more fun)
Small Loop resistance bands 
Kettle Bell 
A circuit is a series of exercises done for a certain rep range or amount of time. A good example of a circuit we would do is…
Circuit #1: 3 ROUNDS
Squats x20 reps 
Push ups x8 reps 
Jumping jacks x60 reps 
Mountain climbers x80 reps 
A Ladder is a series of exericses done in descending or ascending rep or time order. A good example of a Ladder we would do is… 
(In this example you would do 21 reps of each exercise, the 15 reps of each exercise, and finally 9 reps of each exercise) 
Ladder #1: 
Banded jump squats 
Floor to ceilings 
A time Interval is a circuit that is based off of time rather than reps. An example of a time interval we would do is… 
CIRCUIT #1: (45s on 15s rest) x 4 ROUNDS
Superman pulls 
Alternating leg lift toe touches 
I will be doing the entire workout with you, sweating side by side (long distance) and giving timing ques, rep ques, demonstrations, and answering any and all questions along the way. I will also be watching form to make sure that we are all moving properly so as not to injure ourselves! 
You are more than welcome to keep your camera off! 
See you soon! 
October 2020
Jade's classes check all the boxes of an excellent workout: challenging, inspiring, and never the same. She is passionate about fitness/training and clearly loves to motivate others towards their goals!
September 2020
Jade’s HIIT WOD is always amazing!! Makes put in hard work first thing on Saturday morning! Thanks for your encouragement Jade 🥰
September 2020
Jade's classes are always a surprise, and she challenges us in ways I never would have thought of! No class is the same. Her music is great, but not too loud, she is encouraging but not talking the entire time, and there is a good focus to all her classes while not being overwhelming. She is completely professional and knows her shit, and is always encouraging us to be our best most confident selves. Thank you Jade!
September 2020
Amazing class! Don’t hesitate to book this one. It’s a well rounded, full body workout packed into less than an hour with minimal to no equipment required. It starts out with abs and a quick warm up. The rest of the time flys by with intervals and ladders that keep your heart rate up and challenges key stabilizing muscle groups. Jade does the whole workout with you while keeping you motivated and engaged. Work this class into your regular routine and you’ll be in the best shape of your life. ❤️
September 2020
Another awesome class Jade!! Thanks for all your hard work planning a new workout Evey session!!
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